As a leadership mentor, I work with new leaders and new bosses who may be business owners who have begun employing, or employees promoted up and in their first leadership or management role.   I also work with those working towards that promotion and advancement in both honing their skills, as well as getting them seen within the company.

Being a first time boss or manager can be a little overwhelming.   You have many skills and abilities, but now you’ll need to learn new skills and abilities, such as:

  • Transitioning from co-worker to boss
  • Understanding your new role (it’s now not just about you)
  • Engaging with your team
  • Helping your team grow
  • Communication with your team
  • Motivation, inspiration & attitude
  • Meeting expectations of your own bosses
  • Getting the most from them so everyone is a ‘winner’

Interestingly 60% of new managers and leaders are given their role without any training; like being thrown the keys to a truck without any instruction on how to drive it.   Quite often the only advice you get is “Don’t stuff it up”.   However, that doesn’t mean you cannot request mentoring and training; your supervisor wants you to succeed and will be open to ideas on how to make this work.   After all, if you succeed, it reflects well on them.  If an employer pays for mentoring, the sessions are confidential.  Mentoring a new manager is an investment in that person and in the business.  Short term packages are available.


Leadership Mentoring




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