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Many Australian business owners dream of success, but often don’t get there for many reasons.  It might be not knowing what to do, or where to get help, or simply having someone to keep them on task and be a ‘guiding hand’.  We often get bogged down with challenges around money, staff or time and wonder why year after year we’ve not progressed, or worse, we’re slipping behind. Read More

Content is King!  Donna shares a wealth of knowledge and information via the books, ebooks and blogs that she writes (and ghost write for others) which cover a range of subjects: Finance & Bookkeeping, Goals, Planning & Growth, Processes & Procedures, Staff, Recruitment & Retention, Sales, Marketing & Networking, Time Management … and so much more.  Read More

Donna mentors in both Leadership Mentoring and Networking Mentoring.   If you are new to a leadership role and know you need some guidance to be the best boss possible, and get the most from your team, then she can help.   She also works with those new to networking,or wanting to get better results from their networking, particularly Chinese people wanting to work effectively with Australian businesses. Read More

Donna is a Brisbane based Speaker & Trainer for Hire.

She is a seasoned speaker, who has presented many times over on a varied range of business topics.  Her business education and motivational topics have been presented to the Redland Chamber of Commerce, Redlands Women in Business. Various events, training days or evenings, workshops, seminars and National Conferences.

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33 Ideas for Your Business Development and Growth in 3 Months



Meet Donna Stone

Donna has been assisting Australian businesses for nearly 30 years and considered an industry expert. She has worked in top legal and accounting firms, run an Employment Agency for a number of years as well as operating my own successful business, Stone Consulting, for over 15 years which expanded to become a National business in five locations.  She has been coaching small businesses for a decade and now coaches other coaches through her Coach the Coach ™ program.

Additionally, Donna has won dozens of Business Awards. She has run a number of networking groups and held the positions of Ambassador, Group Leader, Education Officer & Networking Coach.  She has five published books and has co-written in a sixth.  Needless to say, she is a prolific writer (both printed magazines and online) writing regularly for My Business Magazine and Working Women Magazine, to name a few. As a sought-after speaker, she engages with audiences to leave them with the knowledge, tools and motivation to succeed in their own business or career.

Whilst Donna does have formal qualifications in Accounting and Business, it’s the years and years of real-world experience that has made her into the industry expert she is today.  Her belief is in hard work, self-improvement and always remaining positive.

When Donna works with a client, she is passionate about their business and their own achievements.   She has helped businesses get started, grow, recover, rediscover, make money, get busy, expand and even go global.  Her clients are delighted with her services, but don’t just take her word for it – check out the testimonials below.

Donna is also active in her community, working with Redland City Chamber of Commerce, Crime Stoppers Queensland and on the Board of the Redland Foundation.

In addition to all the above, she also engages in her other passion – visual arts.  Needless to say, she is a master of time management.

Donna Stone Business Consultant

Stone Business Coaching

Professional Memberships:

  • Australian Institute of Management (Member 20+ years)
  • Institute of Learning Professionals
  • International Institute of Directors & Managers
  • Institute of Public Accountants
  • Redland City Chamber of Commerce
  • Australian Society of Authors
  • Queensland Writers Centre
  • Redlands Creative Alliance
  • My Networking Group


  • What one client shared about her planning day experience:

    It was a great privilege to attend a Company Planning Session with Donna Stone last week.  From the outset, Donna understood that my company was an extension of me.  I use the word ‘privilege’ because that is exactly what it was, a privilege to have someone value and take the time to understand and appreciate what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  Donna then took this appreciation and morphed it into a stunning plan for the forthcoming year.  Throughout the process I felt valued, my ideas supported and my knowledge expanded which, in my 25 years of running my company, is not a common experience in these types of sessions at all.  Thank you Donna, I am filled with a renewed vision and energy with a clearly defined and measurable plan to ensure my company’s continued growth and my continued fulfillment as the company’s CEO.   

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Alison Rogers Testimonial
    Alison Rogers
    Vocal Manoeuvres Group
  • I came away from our planning session feeling like I may actually have gained some traction with some clear steps to take the business forward; hopefully this means that the wheels will stop spinning!  Thank you for listening and for helping me to begin to see my way forward.  Thank you also for the resources provided – very much appreciated.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Neville Starick Testimonial
    Neville Starick
    Consultant/Counsellor/Teacher – Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna provided a great job writing some blogs for my website.   So good, in fact I think next time I will go with longer posts.  I am very pleased with the speed and the results.  I will definitely be using her further.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Redlands Frederick Krasey Testimonial
    Frederick Krasey
    Business Entrepreneur – Melbourne, VIC
  • I have been lucky enough to meet Donna and discuss various business experiences and have always found that Donna has been able to offer strong solid advice that has helped me improve my way of thinking and dealings within both business and personal situations. I would highly recommend Donna to anyone seeking a Business Coach, you won’t regret it.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Anthony Robertson Testimonial
    Anthony Robertson
    Insurance Broker – Brisbane, QLD
  • Fantastic and friendly business coaching.  Donna has lots of great ideas and is very helpful.  I attended a one on one Planning Day with Donna and now receive regular business coaching.  I have a much better idea of how I need to go about achieving my goal of an increased income and how to put strategies and systems in place to grow my business successfully.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Redlands Judy Carse Testimonial
    Judy Carse
    Balance Well Bookkeeping, Tingalpa, QLD
  • I have known Donna as a business woman for over a year and have recently engaged her as my coach. All I can say is Wow!  As a person Donna is always caring and sharing, uplifting and is quick to smile. Now I know her as a coach and yes Donna is all those things but so much more! She doesn’t only advise and share her vast experience but is so helpful in a practical sense.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Jeane Crane Testimonial
    Jeane Crane
    EJC Safety – Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna has done more in a few weeks than several other coaches have done in several months; WOW I was amazed at how personalized and to the point Donna’s methods were. I would encourage anybody who is looking to move on in business to contact Donna, you will not be disappointed.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane David Ibell Testimonial
    David Ibell
    Brisbane, QLD
  • I had the pleasure of hearing Donna Stone give a presentation at a Redland Women in Business meeting last week and found her presentation engaging, entertaining and helpful. The five key points Donna gave during her presentation were well presented and they explained in a practical and informative way the key ingredients for success. I came away convicted that there is more I can be doing to work towards my own success and feeling empowered to be more focused. Donna’s personal style is engaging and accessible. I am glad that I had the opportunity of hearing Donna’s presentation and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a keynote presenter.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Naomi Cauley Testimonial
    Naomi Cauley
    (B.Bus, AIMM)
  • I have always been impressed with the way Donna conducts herself in such a professional manner and she never ceases to amaze me with her wealth of knowledge.   I also feel confident in the knowledge that Donna prides herself in her work and am always assured of any information being handled with full confidentiality.  

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands Jo Macaione Testimonial
    Jo Macaione
    Practice Manager – Albany Creek, QLD
  • Donna has given unending support and expertise to us.  The standard of her financial knowledge has been of the highest quality.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Meals on Wheels Testimonial
    Meals on Wheels
    Victoria Point & Redland Bay, QLD
  • You’ve benefited our company immensely!   The advice and support has allowed the business to run more smoothly and effectively

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands Luis Fiona Marcon Testimonial
    Luis & Fiona Marcon
    Builders, Redland City, QLD
  • As the owner and practice principal of a large privately owned Medical Centre, I have had the opportunity to seek the business coaching services of Donna Stone for many years.  Donna has been meticulous, thorough and determined in her efforts to assist us. I highly recommend her services to all who plan for a more secure and lucrative future.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Testimonial
    Doctor’s name withheld
    - The AMA restricts Doctors giving testimonials
  • Donna Stone is a highly professional business woman and qualified trainer whose services have been invaluable to this business.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands Greg Thornton Testimonial
    Greg Thornton Constructions
    Kenmore, QLD
  • Donna’s mentoring and coaching approach is thorough and systematic – from the ground up.  Her professional manner is both encouraging and constructively challenging – as a coach she wants you to be the best you can be.   She commits her energy, skill and personal insight into helping you find what will really work for you in business.   Donna is like an extra partner in your business who will help you go the extra mile.  With the tools Donna has given me, I have found myself working in a much more focussed way to plan, structure and review my business activities – to make sure I am on track for success.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Vicky Macdonald Testimonial
    Vicky Macdonald
    The Artist Tree, Cleveland, QLD
  • What a great business book. So much great information for business owners to use when either first starting up in business or at any stage in their business journey. For the business person who has been in business for some years it is great to be able to read this information, some of it is what we may already know but need to be reminded to do. Because this book covers so many areas of business there would be information in here that business people may not be aware of. This is also a great reference book to be able to keep handy and if we are not sure about some aspect then we can reread certain sections. This is made easy by well set out chapters and sub headings covering heaps of relevant business topics. I highly recommend this book to every business person.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands Julie Bannister Testimonial
    Julie Bannister
    Key Business Network
  • Stepping Stones To Business Success is a great resource tool for any business owner. I’m often heard saying, “You don’t have to implement a thousand things to make a difference in your business. Just implementing two or three things can make a big difference to the bottom line.” This book gives you practical ways on how you can start to improve your business.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Mal Emery Testimonial
    Mal Emery
    Australia’s Millionaire Maker
  • There’s a saying “Commonsense ain’t common”. That saying also applies to business. Donna’s book provides the information and knowledge that you can apply to your business. So read it and apply it

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands John Sciacca Testimonial
    John Sciacca
    Director/Accountant, Sciacca Salomone Accountants
  • This book is an absolute must read for anyone wanting to succeed in business and enjoy life while doing it. Donna Stone is proof that ‘a challenge is an opportunity in disguise.’ She is a remarkable businesswoman who embodies the personal characteristics of strength, courage and commitment.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Kay Danes Testimonial
    Kay Danes
    International Bestselling Author
  • It’s the straight talking business handbook of the year and every budding entrepreneur needs to own it. Without doubt – what you don’t know about business will hurt you. But armed with this comprehensive and down to earth game plan – small business success becomes like second nature.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Redlands Lynette Palmen Testimonial
    Lynette L Palmen AM
    Founder and Managing Director – Women’s Network Australia
  • We laugh off the common sense behind business activities, engagements and it’s refreshing to receive insight and real experience answers. Donna Stone easily relays and addresses the crutch of business from her exposure to real Australian business’s and makes your and my next stepping stones in business conscious. Thank you for making our business and team actively engaged in business life.

    Donna Stone Business Coach Brisbane Andrea Blunden Testimonial
    Andrea Blunden
    Gretchen Operations Captain