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Business Development Coaching

Many Australian business owners dream of success, but sometimes don’t get there for many reasons.  They may be stalled, or worse, slipping behind.  It might be not knowing what to do, or where to get help, or simply having someone to keep them on task and be a ‘guiding hand’.  Other businesses are doing great, but want to work even smarter and streamline their operations to improve their business even more.  Do you want more sales and more profit but less stress?

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Business Mentor

I mentor in Leadership, Management as well as Networking. If you are new to a leadership or management role and know you will benefit from some guidance to be the best boss possible, successfully transition into your role and get the most from your team, then I can help. I can also assist with personal branding to affect positive career advancement. Additionally, I work with those new to networking or wanting to get better results from their business networking, particularly Chinese people wanting to work effectively with Australian businesses.

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Speaker & Trainer

I’m a seasoned Speaker and Trainer and international workshop facilitator. I’ve presented hundreds of times over on a varied range of business topics. My business education and motivational topics have been presented at Chambers, Universities, business groups, expos, seminars, workshops (public, corporate and private), national conferences and internationally. I regularly run workshops both within the Brisbane area and internationally. I can be your speaker for hire.

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Australia Wide Business Coaching

Although Brisbane-based, I service clients Australia-wide.  With technology ever advancing, I can effectively and positively look after clients within Redland City, Brisbane region or beyond to other areas of Queensland and interstate.  For those businesses in remote areas, small towns (where everyone knows everyone else’s business or options are limited), or in more expensive cities, I can help. 

With me, you will access through my business coaching all of the following:

  • One on one time with me each week
  • Email, text or phone support
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Review of your online presence
  • Accountability actions to keep you on track
  • Business Essentials Checklist
  • Full SWOT Analysis including Review
  • Business Training
  • Access to my contacts – everyone from SEO experts to lawyers and accountants
  • Resources including budgets, marketing plans, time planning schedules, templates etc
  • Access to business education, reading and business knowledge
  • And much more, that’s in my smallest package. Larger packages include even more!

What I don’t do…

  • I don’t do Group coaching. To me, your coaching is not a social activity; it’s about getting results for you. No two people (or businesses) are the same in a group; the group might not cover what you want, or at a speed that isn’t optimum for you. 
  • I don’t lock clients into long-term contracts. In fact, other than notice required (to stop or pause) I have no contract term periods and work month by month.
  • I don’t employ other coaches; when you sign up with me – you get me.
  • I don’t take on every client and when I am reaching capacity – I do close the books. I work specifically in service-based businesses.
  • I don’t work to a set syllabus. Yes, there is structure, but as every client (and their needs are different) I tackle what you want or need, rather than sticking you in a box, or a system.
  • I don’t coach based on failure but on experiences of success. Nor is coaching only on theory, but based on practical real world experience (coupled with formal qualifications).

Tap into my motivation, experience, passion and guidance to affect a positive change for your business today! The best way to predict the future is to create it. My passion is your potential.

Meet Donna Stone

Professional Memberships

• Australian Institute of Management (Member 20+ years)
• International Institute of Directors & Managers
• Institute of Learning Professionals
• Institute of Public Accountants
• Redland City Chamber of Commerce
• Australian Society of Authors
• Redlands Creative Alliance
• My Networking Groups

Redland City Chamber of Commerce

Results are a huge part of my focus when working with clients.  It’s more than talking; its affecting positive change.  My service varies according to client needs and is flexible with a range of packages.  I’m intently passionate about business and goal achievement, with an approach that is guiding, teaching, motivational and hands-on.  Whether it’s putting together a marketing plan, minimising risk, improving cash-flow, increasing sales or solving a problem, I use my 30+ years of experience to help other businesses (and business coaches) do what needs to get done.  My clients are my biggest fans – but don’t just take my word for it – see the testimonials below.

Whilst I have qualifications (Accounting, Management & Training) it’s the decades of real-world business experience which makes me an expert.  I expanded my own business from a garage to a national business in five locations, which I then successfully sold and have been coaching businesses for over a decade as well as other coaches through my Coach the Coach ™ program.  Additionally, I’ve won dozens of Business Awards – the latest being Small Business Coach of the Year 2019 – Australia. I’ve sat on grant and award judging panels, published six business tips books and written for numerous publications.  I sit on a number of Boards and Committees and am active in my community.  Needless to say; I’ve got great strategies around time management.

Yes, this section has been about me, however, my business coaching is all about you.  When it comes to your coaching, you want to know it will represent value for money.  By not locking you into long term contracts, that’s my guarantee to you.

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