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What Does A Business Coach Do?

Many Australian business owners dream of success, but sometimes don’t get there for many reasons.  They may be stalled, or worse, slipping behind.  It might be not knowing what to do, or where to get help, or simply having someone to keep them on task and be a ‘guiding hand’.  Other businesses are doing great, but want to work even smarter and streamline their operations to improve their business even more.  Do you want more sales and more profit but less stress?  Read More

Content is King!  I share a wealth of knowledge and information via the books, ebooks and blogs that I write (and ghostwrite for others) which cover a range of subjects: Finance & Bookkeeping, Goals, Planning & Growth, Processes & Procedures, Staff, Recruitment & Retention, Sales, Marketing & Networking, Time Management … and so much more.   I have written something on almost every aspect of Australian Business.  Read More

I mentor in Leadership, Management as well as Networking.  If you are new to a leadership or management role and know you will benefit from some guidance to be the best boss possible, successfully transition into your role and get the most from your team, then I can help.  I can also assist with personal branding to affect positive career advancement.  Additionally, I work with those new to networking or wanting to get better results from their business networking, particularly Chinese people wanting to work effectively with Australian businesses.  Read More

I’m a seasoned Speaker & Trainer and international workshop facilitator. I’ve presented hundreds of times over on a varied range of business topics. My business education and motivational topics have been presented at Chambers, Universities, business groups, expos, seminars, workshops (public, corporate and private), national conferences and internationally.  I regularly run workshops both within the Brisbane area and internationally.  Read More

Meet Donna Stone

My focus when working with clients is results based.  I have a range of packages and what we cover is based on your needs.  My service varies according to the client’s needs and is very flexible.  Additionally, I don’t lock clients into long-term contracts.  I am intently passionate about business and goal achievement.  My approach is guiding, teaching, motivational and hands-on.  Whether it’s putting together a marketing plan, minimising risk, improving cash-flow or solving a problem, I use my 30+ years of industry experience to help other businesses (and business coaches) do what needs to be done.  My clients are my biggest fans and love the work I’ve done with them – but don’t just take my word for it … check out the testimonials below.

Initial stages of our coaching include assessments, discovery and reviews so I can see what is occurring and where improvement can occur.  As a person who has had many businesses myself, I’ve ‘been there, done that’ and know what business owners are looking for.  Quite often:  more money, more time and less stress!

Whilst I do have qualifications (Accounting, Management & Training) it’s the decades of real-world business experience which makes me an expert.  I expanded my own business from a garage to a national business in five locations, which I then successfully sold.  I’ve been coaching small businesses for over a decade.  I also coach other coaches through my Coach the Coach ™ program.

I’ve won dozens of Business Awards and have run (or held key positions) in a number of business networking groups.  I’ve sat on Boards and various business award and grant judging panels.  Additionally, I’ve published six business tips books and written hundreds of blogs and articles – both digital and for print, such as My Business Magazine and Working Women Magazine, to name just a few.

I’m active in my community, working with a number of organisations including Redland City Chamber of Commerce, Redlands Business Referrals and currently on the Board of the Redland Foundation.  Needless to say, I’ve got great strategies around time management.

Whilst Brisbane-based, I service clients Australia-wide.  With technology ever advancing, I can effectively and positively look after clients within Redland City, Brisbane region or beyond to other areas of Queensland and even interstate.  For those businesses in remote areas, small towns (where everyone knows everyone else’s business or options are limited), or in more expensive cities like Sydney or Melbourne, this is great news for you.

Although this section has been about me, my coaching is all about you.  When it comes to your coaching, you want to know it will work, you want value for money and you want to see results.  Hence, from our first meeting, right through, I am constantly using my extensive experience, knowledge, skills and training to deliver a quality business coaching service which will represent value and deliver desired outcomes.  I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it.  As I don’t employ other coaches, every client gets me, and only me.

Tap into my motivation, experience, passion and guidance to affect a positive change for your business today!  My passion is your potential.

Donna Stone Business Consultant

Professional Memberships:

  • Australian Institute of Management (Member 20+ years)
  • International Institute of Directors & Managers
  • Institute of Learning Professionals
  • Institute of Public Accountants
  • Redland City Chamber of Commerce
  • Australian Society of Authors
  • Queensland Writers Centre
  • Redlands Creative Alliance Inc.
  • My Networking Group

Redland City Chamber of Commerce




Redlands Coast




  • Donna is an amazing business coach, I have spoken with a number of her clients and they all tell me the results she gets for them are transforming their businesses. She’s been there, done it and not only GOT the book, she wrote six books about business!!!

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Adrian Reavley Testimonial
    Adrian Reavley
    Express Print & Sign
  • Donna has been coaching me for 6 months now. I remember the first meeting in Victoria Point Cafe like it was yesterday; her openness and willingness to believe in my ability and goals from day one has been inspiring. Donna is a professional business coach who has helped me go from studying a bachelor of business to opening my first business in this short period of time. Her (continued) weekly guidance has helped me in ways that only someone with decades of business experience can offer. Without Donna I would have skipped over numerous big and small things that could make or break a business/start-up. I will continue to use her services into the future as her insight is fresh and ordered in such a way that suits every stage of a business’ life-cycle. Also, her network of industry experts is worth its weight in gold.  I highly recommend her services if you are an existing business owner looking for a leg-up or a newly formed start-up that wants to cover all bases and hit the ground running. 10/10. Thank you D 🙂

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Zach Dexter Testimonial
    Zach Dexter
    ISM / NDIS, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Brisbane
  • Donna Stone is a results-driven business coach.  I have found her advice to be incredibly helpful and my business has grown thanks to her input.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Cath Koch Testimonial
    Cath Koch
    Wild Cat Design, Australia
  • I had a business coaching session with Donna having switched from an employee to starting up my own business I felt very lost and desperately needed clarity and a plan. What I got from Donna was so MUCH more. The session with Donna was a wonderful mix of her business experience but also her understanding, her ability to focus on the issues and her guidance.  Donna clarified my priorities, gave me valuable tools and outlined a plan specifically for my business.  I will forever be grateful for the guidance that Donna gave me and together with her support I know I will have an amazing business. A Business Coaching session with Donna is simply the BEST thing you can do for yourself!

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Shan O'Neill Testimonial
    Shan O’Neill
    Life Purpose Fingerprint & Hand Analyst
  • Donna has a great understanding of what it takes to be successful in business and how to break down, what seems like an overwhelming amount of work, into achievable chunks!

    Donna Stone Business Coachiing Dave Russell Testimonial
    Dave Russell
    Urban Design Solutions, Brisbane
  • Donna has provided me with great information that has helped me start my business with the right systems in place. I have found both Donna and her team to be highly motivated, efficient, friendly and have a deep understanding and knowledge of business.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Julie Mason Testimonial
    Julie Mason
    Linked Sales Formula
  • I’ve been working with Stone Business Coaching for my accounting practice for a number of months. She is very patient and is a pleasure to work with. She has extensive knowledge about business, marketing and people management. We have implemented a good number of new practices within the business; her guidance to me has been invaluable. I thoroughly recommend Donna Stone for any coaching services you may require.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Noel Ryan Testimonial
    Noel Ryan
    CPA - Tax Depot, Beenleigh
  • Donna Stone is the Business Coach you want if you want to push yourself and your business to the next level.  Her experience will help you build your leads, improve your processes, team engagement and get a real understanding of how action improves the bottom line.  You owe it to yourself.  I can highly recommend her and her books for practical “do able things” to improve your business.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Lynne Sturgess Testimonial
    Lynne Sturgess
    Finance Specialist, Precision Loans & President of the Redland City Chamber of Commerce
  • We engaged Donna as a business coach a couple of months ago. It wasn’t that our business was in trouble, or wasn’t already ticking along fine, but we thought it could do better. Donna was very thorough in checking all aspects of our business, from the office processes through to our customer service and marketing, and everything in between. Her experience highlighted areas that we could improve and she suggested things that we hadn’t even thought of.

    Our business has never been busier and I have been working my butt off, but Donna has also helped us through this growth phase and assisted us with the appointment of an additional staff member to join our team. We couldn’t recommend Donna highly enough as a business coach, she is very professional and we feel as though the financial outlay to work with Donna, has been money very well spent.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching David O'Keeffe Testimonial
    David O’Keeffe
    Reliable Property Repairs, Redlands
  • As a Business Coach Donna is very good and helps you find direction, set goals and my favourite, makes you accountable!  Donna has helped us implement procedures that have streamlined our business and has taken a lot of the pain and worry out of a running a business. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get on top of things and take their business to the next level.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Sarah Brereton Testimonial
    Sarah Brereton
    Co-owner Floworks Plumbing, Brisbane, QLD
  • Every week I have the pleasure to be coached by Donna! I’m so impressed by her expertize and passion in coaching me and others to greater success! Her attention to detail and drive to give you the advice and strategic actions to move forward and grow your business is brilliant! It’s also the genuine care for your clients, Donna, and the joy you show in your work that is priceless! Thank you for being Amazing!!

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Camilla Rowe Testimonial
    Camilla Rowe
    Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna Stone is by far one of the most clued on Business Coaches I have had the pleasure to work with.  She knows how to keep the businesses she mentors on track and her ideas on marketing are fresh and easily executed … sometimes as a business owner you just need to be reminded of the things that you do well And how to approach the things you don’t.  A five-star rating from me!

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Cindy Lee Testimonial
    Cindy Lee
    Studio 4 Mediia, Brisbane, QLD
  • As an accountant I understand the value a business coach can bring to all types of businesses. Whether it’s having an advisor to bounce ideas off, to compliment a skillset you lack, make connections you don’t have or to provide accountability, Donna ticks all the boxes. That’s why I recommend her to any of my clients seeking a business coach and engage her in my own business.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Bill Parkes Testimonial
    Bill Parkes
    Southern Cross Accounting, Redlands, QLD
  • I highly recommend Donna for her awesome services, direction and support. Donna continually gives and genuinely cares about you and the success and integrity of your business. She always has solutions to assist moving forward and taking action. When needed (and every time), Donna also was able to recommend other necessary business contacts to assist and support the growth and expansion of my business. Oceans of gratitude for this lady.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Jules O’Neill Testimonial
    Jules O’Neill
    Wellness Coach
  • What one client shared about her planning day experience:

    It was a great privilege to attend a Company Planning Session with Donna Stone last week.  From the outset, Donna understood that my company was an extension of me.  I use the word ‘privilege’ because that is exactly what it was, a privilege to have someone value and take the time to understand and appreciate what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  Donna then took this appreciation and morphed it into a stunning plan for the forthcoming year.  Throughout the process I felt valued, my ideas supported and my knowledge expanded which, in my 25 years of running my company, is not a common experience in these types of sessions at all.  Thank you Donna, I am filled with a renewed vision and energy with a clearly defined and measurable plan to ensure my company’s continued growth and my continued fulfillment as the company’s CEO.   

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Alison Rogers Testimonial
    Alison Rogers
    Vocal Manoeuvres Group
  • I came away from our planning session feeling like I may actually have gained some traction with some clear steps to take the business forward; hopefully this means that the wheels will stop spinning!  Thank you for listening and for helping me to begin to see my way forward.  Thank you also for the resources provided – very much appreciated.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Neville Starick Testimonial
    Neville Starick
    Consultant/Counsellor/Teacher – Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna provided a great job writing some blogs for my website.   So good, in fact I think next time I will go with longer posts.  I am very pleased with the speed and the results.  I will definitely be using her further.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Redlands Frederick Krasey Testimonial
    Frederick Krasey
    Business Entrepreneur – Melbourne, VIC
  • Fantastic and friendly business coaching.  Donna has lots of great ideas and is very helpful.  I attended a one on one Planning Day with Donna and now receive regular business coaching.  I have a much better idea of how I need to go about achieving my goal of an increased income and how to put strategies and systems in place to grow my business successfully.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Redlands Judy Carse Testimonial
    Judy Carse
    Balance Well Bookkeeping, Tingalpa, QLD
  • I have known Donna as a business woman for over a year and have recently engaged her as my coach. All I can say is Wow!  As a person Donna is always caring and sharing, uplifting and is quick to smile. Now I know her as a coach and yes Donna is all those things but so much more! She doesn’t only advise and share her vast experience but is so helpful in a practical sense.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane Jeane Crane Testimonial
    Jeane Crane
    EJC Safety – Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna has done more in a few weeks than several other coaches have done in several months; WOW I was amazed at how personalized and to the point Donna’s methods were. I would encourage anybody who is looking to move on in business to contact Donna, you will not be disappointed.

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Brisbane David Ibell Testimonial
    David Ibell
    Brisbane, QLD


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