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What Does A Business Coach Do?

Many Australian business owners dream of success, but sometimes don’t get there for many reasons.  They may be stalled, or worse, slipping behind.  It might be not knowing what to do, or where to get help, or simply having someone to keep them on task and be a ‘guiding hand’.  Other businesses are doing great, but want to work even smarter and streamline their operations to improve their business even more.  Do you want more sales and more profit but less stress?  Read More

Content is King!  I share a wealth of knowledge and information via the books, ebooks and blogs that I write (and ghostwrite for others) which cover a range of subjects: Finance & Bookkeeping, Goals, Planning & Growth, Processes & Procedures, Staff, Recruitment & Retention, Sales, Marketing & Networking, Time Management … and so much more.   I have written something on almost every aspect of Australian Business.  Read More

For mentoring in Leadership, Management or Networking – I can help.  At times when you’re new to a leadership or management role, you know you can be lacking a little in experience, confidence or know-how.  Guidance to assist you to successfully transition into your role can be extremely valuable.  Perhaps you’re about to promote a team member and want to give them that helping hand to settle in well?  I can also assist with personal branding to affect positive career advancement.  Opportunities don’t just fall in your lap, more often than not; the successful person has had a strategy in place for some time so that they get noticed in the best way possible.  Additionally, I work with those new to networking or wanting to get better results from their business networking, particularly Chinese people wanting to work effectively with Australian businesses. Read More

As a seasoned Speaker, Trainer and International Workshop Facilitator, I’ve presented hundreds of times over on a varied range of business topics.  My business education and motivational topics have been presented at Chambers, Universities, business groups, expos, seminars, workshops (public, corporate and private), national conferences and internationally.  To affect positive change and help people learn and grow, I regularly run workshops both within the Brisbane area and internationally.  I can be your speaker for hire.  Read More

Meet Donna Stone

Results are a huge part of my focus when working with clients.  It’s more than talking; its affecting positive change.  My service varies according to client needs and is flexible with a range of packages.  I’m intently passionate about business and goal achievement, with an approach that is guiding, teaching, motivational and hands-on.  Whether it’s putting together a marketing plan, minimising risk, improving cash-flow, increasing sales or solving a problem, I use my 30+ years of experience to help other businesses (and business coaches) do what needs to get done.  My clients are my biggest fans – but don’t just take my word for it – see the testimonials below.

Whilst I have qualifications (Accounting, Management & Training) it’s the decades of real-world business experience which makes me an expert.  I expanded my own business from a garage to a national business in five locations, which I then successfully sold and have been coaching businesses for over a decade as well as other coaches through my Coach the Coach ™ program.  Additionally, I’ve won dozens of Business Awards, sat on grant and award judging panels, published six business tips books and written for numerous publications.  I sit on a number of Boards and Committees and am active in my community.  Needless to say; I’ve got great strategies around time management.

Whilst Brisbane-based, I service clients Australia-wide.  With technology ever advancing, I can effectively and positively look after clients within Redland City, Brisbane region or beyond to other areas of Queensland and interstate.  For those businesses in remote areas, small towns (where everyone knows everyone else’s business or options are limited), or in more expensive cities, you have options like myself.

Although this section has been about me, my coaching is all about you.  When it comes to your coaching, you want to know it will represent value for money.  By not locking you into long term contracts, that’s my guarantee to you.  As I don’t employ other coaches, every client gets me, so I do ‘close my books’ when I reach capacity.

Tap into my motivation, experience, passion and guidance to affect a positive change for your business today!  The best way to predict the future is to create it.  My passion is your potential.

Donna Stone Business Consultant

Professional Memberships:

  • Australian Institute of Management (Member 20+ years)
  • International Institute of Directors & Managers
  • Institute of Learning Professionals
  • Institute of Public Accountants
  • Redland City Chamber of Commerce
  • Australian Society of Authors
  • Redlands Creative Alliance Inc.
  • My Networking Group

Redland City Chamber of Commerce




Redlands Coast




  • Donna applies practiced and disciplined rigor to reviewing one’s business with rewarding results. In addition, she networks with many fabulous, achieving, ethical businesses in the Redlands again yielding rewarding results for one’s own business.

    Dr Gertrude Behan
    Dr Gertrude Behan
    Bayside Cosmetic Clinic
  • I highly recommend Donna Stone, business coach. Donna provides comprehensive tailored solutions for business growth and success.  As a Chartered Accountant, I have crossed paths with many business coaches over the years, but Donna is the only coach that I recommend.

    Janelle Bartlett
    Janelle Bartlett
    Managing Partner – Chan & Naylor Redlands & Brisbane
  • Donna has great insight into small business and gives very practical coaching advice to help move your business forward. The systems and practices that she has helped me to identify and establish, have really streamlined our communication and increased our productivity.  I highly recommend her services to others.

    Lisa Nardone
    GrantsPlus Consulting, QLD
  • Donna will show you how to recognise the areas of your business that can be improved and then you just implement more effective procedures.  As small business owners, we don’t know everything but it sure helps when you have a great coach that can point you in the right direction.  Thanks Donna.

    Tony Mora
    Tony Mora
    BDM – Suncoast Outdoor Living, QLD
  • Donna’s level of customer service is unbelievable. She has helped me so much and taken me from a position of total head spin and ignorance, to a place where I am up to date and feel at ease. Thanks so much to Donna for helping me get out of my hole and get me back on track.  Thanks again.

    Justin Stone
    Technology Consultant, Brisbane
  • Donna is one of those people you would call a visionary. She comes up with great ideas then gets to work and makes them happen. She’s a born communicator, has got the best smile and uses her extensive network to get things done. Her dream would appear to be to make everyone around her be the best they can be as well.

    Gary Carson
    Founder of Works4us, Brisbane
  • I was looking for someone to coach and direct me on how to systemize my business better and build it      into an asset. I chose Donna because she’s ‘done it’ successfully with her own businesses and, for me, that’s the perfect coach. Donna keeps me accountable and on track, she’s patient and skilled and I’m loving working with her.

    Jeanne (Treloar) Cotter
    Graphic Designer / Graphic Artist, Brisbane
  • Donna is incredible. She is kind, patient and puts in her very best to help grow your business. I gained so much valuable knowledge during my time working with her.

    Lauren Keys
    Floral Me Studio
  • Donna Stone is an experienced business owner who guides from a place of knowledge. As a business coach and mentor, she provides plenty of structure, value and wisdom to her clients. I would definitely recommend Donna if you are looking for a business coach.

    Jane Webster
  • Donna gives great advice and assistance; a very dedicated Business Coach.

    Andrew McCallum
    Multiple Business Owner, Brisbane
  • Before I started working with Donna I had no business plan and no sales process. I thought I was doing alright but I had no time for myself as I worked long hours. Thanks to Donna’s guidance and persistence in making me implement some valuable rules into my business, I now have more time for myself and my family and I have more clients.  Thank you Donna!

    Zora Abbot
    Travel Managers, QLD
  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Donna Stone for your business coaching needs.  Donna has a great wealth of knowledge in this area having worked with business owners of many types and skills while also owning and managing her own business in several locations.  Donna approaches your problems with constructive planning and if you do your homework you will see an improvement virtually straight away.  Any problem we encountered Donna was able to tackle with a solution from her own wealth of knowledge, gained by working with clients across the board for many years.

    Kay Thorne
    Myla Graphics – Printing, Signage and Banners, Brisbane, QLD
  • Donna Stone is a multi-talented entrepreneur with creative flair. I always look forward to her regular email newsletters and blog posts which are invariably well-written, topical and valuable. If you’re not on Donna’s mailing list, you should be!  As well as being a gifted and energetic networker, Donna is the author of five books, a renowned business coach and a fine artist. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna as someone who delivers on every commitment.

    Joanne Verikios
    Author, Speaker, Athlete, Consultant & Horse Industry Expert
  • Donna’s knowledge and support is second to none.  I felt like I was in such good hands during our coaching and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking support with any aspect of business.

    Janet McGeever
    Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Sunshine Coast
  • Zach and I thank you so much for all of your great coaching and support over the last few years. You have helped us start and grow our businesses to where they are today. We can’t thank you enough for all of your commitment to our projects, and for your insight into what we needed to focus on each step along the way. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

    Mandy & Zach Dexter
    ISM (NDIS) and nFlow
  • I would highly recommend Donna to anyone who has their own business. Her coaching skills, knowledge and network base is great. She has helped us over the last 6 months achieve things we never thought we would in such a short amount of time. Thanks again Donna.

    Brad Mitchell
    Right Roofing Restorations
  • I engaged Donna’s coaching when I re-launched my business.  Her practical and bite-sized do-able strategies have enabled me to consistently complete tasks in my business.  Her wealth of knowledge, friendly, professional manner was a breath of fresh air, as I had other coaches in the past that didn’t deliver.  Donna not only delivers but goes the extra mile.  Highly recommend no matter what stage of business you may be in.

    Gail O’Keeffe
    Consultant – Brisbane, QLD
  • I highly recommend Donna Stone as a business coach. I have been working with her clients for several years and was so impressed with the way their businesses changed that I had to try her out for my business. I came away from my first meeting with a different view on my business. I am no longer just working in my business but on my business and I am confident that Donna will guide me through this change. Thank you Donna!

    Michelle Meurs
  • Highly recommend! Donna’s passion towards helping my small business has recharged my own enthusiasm! Her tailored business plan keeps me focused on my long-term goals and helps me to appreciate my progress along the way. I am very thankful for her guidance and encouragement!

    Natalie Morrison
    Love It Landscapes
  • Donna is an amazing business coach, I have spoken with a number of her clients and they all tell me the results she gets for them are transforming their businesses. She’s been there, done it and not only GOT the book, she wrote six books about business!!!

    Donna Stone Business Coaching Adrian Reavley Testimonial
    Adrian Reavley
    Express Print & Sign


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