Some people believe that you are either born a natural networker, or not.   This is not true.   Another fallacy around networking is that only the extroverted and very outgoing people make great networkers.  Again – wrong!

I know this is wrong for two reasons.   Firstly, I learnt to network and to do public speaking.   Both did not come easily, but were very achievable.   In high school I was voted “The Least Known Student” in my class.   Of recent years, I have won more other awards, mostly around Professional Services and Networking.  In fact, I have been awarded ‘Networker of the Year’ not just once, twice, but four times!

From the beginnings of a shy and extremely quiet girl, I have learnt the skills on how to not just network comfortably, but very successfully.   My core business grew primarily on networking; 86% of new work came from word of mouth and networking.   Networking does work!

I now personally mentor others to achieve great things from networking, including:

  • Those who are shy, lack confidence or just plain scared to step out and network.
  • People who are wanting to get strategic with their networking and monetise it.
  • Those from overseas*, such as China, who want to understand how to network with Australians and understand our culture and the nuances around Australian business.
  • Those who are new to networking and don’t want to waste a lot of time and effort doing it wrong.

I have a three-month program, where I will personally tutor and guide you in networking.   This works best face to face and in person and is provided in the Redlands > Brisbane Southside.

* I have mentored a number of Chinese people, however, I do not speak Chinese.   I speak only English and a little French.   You would need to have a reasonable level of English ability as a prerequisite.   I will, however, cover with you ‘slang’ and other Australian-isms which make networking for non-Australians somewhat difficult.   I will assist you in bridging the cultural gap and giving you both tutorial and practical experience in advancing your Australian networking skills.   I work with both males and females.


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