If you’re interested in coaching or mentoring services, getting a plan and strategy in place, having an effective Marketing Plan or perhaps purchasing a book, please complete the below enquiry form to contact Donna Stone.  She works with business owners in every stage of their business from pre-start, through growth to preparing to sell.  If you’d like to get onto the monthly newsletter mailing list packed full of great business info, tips, news and ideas just select that option below in the section under “I’m interested in …”.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Donna Direct:                                  +61 411 622 666
Office Number:                                1800 77 65 61
Email:                                               donna@donna-stone.com.au
Facebook:                                        Donna.StoneConsulting
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Five Reasons To Reach Out To Me Today


Sally Traeger Review

1.       Enquiring doesn’t cost you anything.  I’m happy to have a chat with you and find out what you are looking for and need.  I also offer free complimentary sessions for suitable businesses.

2.       I promise I won’t hassle you.  I know some people fear reaching out because they are scared of being badgered into a sale.  Yes, I do follow up, but all you have to do is let me know your intention and I will respect your decision.  There is more than enough work out there that I don’t need to hassle and cajole prospective clients.

3.       Every week you don’t take action is a week of missed opportunities.  When you’re participating in business coaching, you’re making changes to yourself, your mindset and your business.  Those changes and action mean that you are growing, improving and potentially accessing more opportunities.  Why would you want to delay your business improvement even one more day?

Alex Woods Review

4.       Business Coaching is more than digging someone out of a hole, or helping the multi-million dollar business reach the next level; it’s often really suitable for micro and small businesses because you don’t have a multitude of experts in your employ.  I love working with small businesses because you can action changes really quickly and see fantastic results.

5.       If you’re unsure, check out all the awesome Google reviews that I have or read some of my more than 500 blogs I’ve written to see what I teach, share and believe in.  You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.  I encourage people to do their due diligence and once you have, then you’ll have the trust that my passion is truly my client’s potential.