Do right & be honest

Honesty is not only about doing things right but the core values to which the company is established in the first place.  Stone Business Coaching practices a culture that hears everyone and does right by them, including the team, suppliers and clients.  We believe that ‘honesty is the best policy’.


Anti-sex slavery and anti-child abuse

This business commits to maintaining a policy of not accepting any form of child abuse or sexual exploitation.


Anti-domestic violence

Stone Business Coaching supports persons who are affected by Domestic & Family Violence. As Stone Business coaching is not an employer (other than of its Director and Senior Coach, Donna Stone) she:

  • will provide information and support to any person she is working with and learns is a victim of Family or Domestic Violence.  Whilst she is not qualified to provide physical or mental support, she has links in the community that she can connect that person to.

  • Donna is a Director of the Redland Foundation Limited which is a philanthropic organisation that specifically supports cases of Domestic Violence in the Redlands.  She (both as an individual and Board Member) has supported Redland City Mayor’s Dîner en Rouge event each year which not only raises funds for Domestic Violence but also raises awareness.


Belief in equality amongst all

Regardless of race, gender, colour, orientation or belief, we believe that all individuals have the same equal rights.  Any person should not be denied their rights on the grounds of ethnicity, colour, belief, orientation or gender.  We support indigenous, immigrated and short or long-term residing persons in Australia equally.


Mental Health Support

Donna Stone completed a Mental Health First Aid course, run via the Deacon University of Melbourne in 2021.  She is now an Accredited Mental Health First Aider for three years.  This skill allows her to provide first aid (not counselling, advice or diagnosis) to those in business or the workplace who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Should a challenging business situation arise, she can provide advice around how to improve the business which in turn may reduce the stress and distress for the business owner.  She has a number of contacts and information available to provide to anyone who may need further information. Please see the support list which lists support options.  She is authorised to use the Accreditation badge as shown below.

Mental Health First Aider badge