When you need a coach who is also a business consultant.

There will be times when a business’ needs go beyond pure coaching and they specifically have an explicit project or need that requires the help of an expert.  Sometimes, beyond guiding, a business needs a consultant and someone to simply get in and get it done for them.  This might be creating a document, training your team, reviewing current systems, or setting up an effective marketing plan.  In a hands-on capacity, I can assist you in very real and practical ways with:

  • Business Plans.  Business Plans are essential for smart business, but they are also critical documents that are often required by banks before lending, by various Government Agencies before you can apply for a grant, and most certainly if you are looking for an investor.   A quality business plan is written in conjunction with the owners after a very delving and in-depth meeting and is customised specifically for the business.  It will include many things such as a budget, forecasts, marketing plan, SWOT analysis and so much more.   I strongly recommend that you revisit your Business Plan at minimum annually.

  • Systems.  You need to design and implement systems to make your business work more efficiently.

  • Documented Procedures.  Procedural Manuals needs to be started, created, written or reviewed.

  • Sales Training. Your staff (or yourself) may need training in sales.  This might be starting with the development of your sales process and then getting the whole team on board with using this system and learning how to effectively ‘close the deal’.  I can provide in-house customised sales training within an organisation to specifically meet their needs, situation and team.  At various times, I also offer open (public) group sales training workshops.

  • Customer Service Training.  Your staff (and your customers) will benefit from customer service training. You know the customer service experience at your organisation is lacking somewhat.   Interestingly 80% of business believe their customer service is very good.  However only 8% of their clients agree.   Does your business fall into the 92% of businesses who don’t provide exceptional (or at least fairly reasonable) service?

  • Financial Markers. Do you need budgets, cashflow forecasts or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) setup up? I can set these up for you and show you have to utilize them ongoing.

  • Expansion.  Learn how to expand beyond a single site to multiple sites, locations, offices, branches or regions – Australia wide and beyond as well as expand into new industries, services or product lines. This does fall into also business coaching and usually is incorporated in that.  In fact, my strongest advice to any business owner who is wanting to expand is to first ensure the core business is working well first.

  • Marketing.  Need a marketing plan setup? Need help getting your marketing setup and working?   Again, this frequently does fall within the arena of coaching, however it can be a standalone service if required.

  • Trainer for Hire – I can deliver your material or mine– Australia wide or overseas.

  • Reviews & Audits.  Part of making any good business better is having an independent review or audit to ensure everything is working as best as it can.  With my reviews and audits, I go much further- providing expert advice, tips and recommendations to enhance, improve and enrich you and your business.  Click here to learn more.

Donna Stone Business Coaching Consulting & Training Services