Leadership Mentoring

I mentor in Leadership.  Anyone in business, who has a team, is a leader and this is incorporated in our coaching programs as needed.  However, I work with Executives, Managers and employees of companies who are wanting to improve their leadership skills.   You might be:

  • Someone who has a high staff turnover in your division
  • Someone who struggles to get your team to do what you need
  • Someone new to a leadership role and has never had team, staff or been in a significant supervisory role before
  • Someone who is aspiring to be a leader and you recognise that self-development and self-improvement will assist you in attaining that promotion
  • Someone who simply wants to do better and appreciates the value of learning, growing and developing your skills and abilities.

As your mentor, I am working closely with the Mentee and what we discuss is confidential.  Whilst your employer may (or may not) be paying for the mentoring service, I believe that in order to achieve maximum results, you need to be honest with me, hence the promise from me of confidentiality.  Working with people can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be very demanding and challenging, so it makes sense to arm yourself with the skills, knowledge and expertise to be the best leader possible.

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Networking Mentoring

Just as leaders are not born (but made) so it goes also with networking, I believe.   Not everyone is naturally comfortable networking (or selling) but it is definitely a skill you can learn, grow, practice and become very good at.  Whilst so much emphasis is put on digital communication and selling, as well as social media – human (face to face) interaction is still very important.   In fact, more so these days as younger entrepreneurs who have had less face time and more online time, the need to learn and develop face to face networking skills has become even more important.


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Coach the Coach ™

Coach the Coach ™ is a business coaching program for new and emerging business coaches.   Starting out can have its challenges and difficulties.  With this service, I will support you, guide you, be a sounding board and of course provide you with effective accountability.  Find out more about Coach the Coach ™, please click here.