Donna Stone Business Coaching Writing


Great writing for words that tell, sell and compel:


  • Be seen as an expert – or for that matter, simply being seen.

  • Improve the SEO ranking on your website

  • Actually sell – writing is a form of sales.

  • Educate, teach or instruct others.

I’m an Australian writer who knows business and has a marketing background, including being a Business Development Manager for many years.   I know how to write which will engage the reader, inspire the prospect to pick up the phone and communicate clearly the purpose.    I work with Australian businesses in a range of areas, including:

  • Writing blogs for other businesses
  • Writing content for business websites
  • Reviewing and editing existing website content – plus giving practical advice on other aspects of the website, such usability, sell ability and visual aesthetics. In other words, the overall experience and effectiveness of the site.
  • Commissions to ghost write books or eBooks
  • Writing or reviewing of marketing materials, such as advertisements, brochures and flyers.
  • Articles & Newsletters.

I write material which doesn’t just fill a space, or educate, but also which generates business.

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Donna Stone Business Coaching Writing