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Great writing for words that tell, sell and compel


  • Be seen as an expert – or for that matter, simply be seen

  • Improve the SEO ranking on your website

  • Actually sell – writing is a form of sales

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Compel people to give you their email address

  • Educate, teach or instruct others.

I’m an Australian writer who knows business and has a marketing background, including being a Business Development Manager for many years.  This has given me the knowledge and experience to write content which will engage the reader, inspire the prospect to pick up the phone and take action.  Australian and New Zealand businesses can receive my help in a range of areas, including:

  • Writing blogs for other businesses
  • Writing content for business websites
  • Reviewing and editing existing website content
  • Commissions to ghostwrite books or eBooks
  • Writing or reviewing of marketing materials, such as advertisements, brochures and flyers
  • Articles & Newsletters
  • Assistance with Business Award applications.

Having won, or been a business award finalist 23 times since 2005 and judged half a dozen different awards, gives me practical and effective insight into what makes an award application.  There is far more than just answering a couple of questions.  Having said that, going through the process can be very rewarding for the business involved.  The feeling of winning is incredible; whether it’s your first win or your 23rd win!  My experience encompasses Chamber awards, Small Business Champion Awards, Quest Awards, Industry Awards, Telstra Business Awards and many more.

With awards, I don’t write them solo but rather guide the business owner in the process and help them.  Who knows your business better than you?  Many business owners start with the goal in mind of winning.  That’s great, however, the process of applying for an award usually means so much more.  As you answer the questions, you may see a deficiency in your own business.  Now is a fantastic time to address that, improve and then respond in a better fashion, with honesty.

My objective is usually to write material which doesn’t just fill a space or educate, but also which generates business and achieves a result.  Having said that, I do listen to clients and work to meet their goals and objectives.  What and how you write forms part of your branding and perception around your business.  Your writing needs to be more than stringing a few sentences together or getting someone inexperienced to simply produce content.  Badly written content can in fact damage reputation, impression and perception.

If you need help, give me a call, or if you’re keen how to learn the art of writing and improve your own skills, then check out my writing retreats where I share my decades of experience and show you all the tips and tricks to do it yourself.



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