At Stone Business Coaching, I provide a wide range of expert business coaching and associated services to meet Australian business owners’ needs and provide practical and viable solutions in respect of every facet of the business.  My business coaching may focus on the operational side of the business, sales and marketing or perhaps the financial, operational or administrative aspects.  My coaching and consulting services are varied, based on 30+ years of experience (as well as formal qualifications in Accounting, Training, Marketing & Management).  I’ve founded, owned, grown and sold Australian businesses myself, so I know first-hand what it takes – been there, done that!

My list of services:


I work with clients on:

  • Business AnalysisWhether you call it an audit, review, analysis or ‘running a thorough eye over’, I review a number of items for clients, including their website, social media profiles, LinkedIn profile and sales messaging and training.  I’ll review your financial reports, but more important than helping you understand where you are, is helping you improve your financial position.  If you’re an ongoing business coaching client, many of these services are included in your ongoing package, but if you are not, you can access them on an ‘as needs’ basis.
  • Business CoachingWhether you’re wanting to grow your business, solve a problem, or perhaps put things in place to completely anticipate and avoid a problem, I can help.  As well as business growth and helping businesses make a great start, a lot of what I do is pre-empting a potential problem and helping clients to have great strategies in place so the problem never even arises.  If there is a challenge, then I’m all about finding the best solution.  I work with business owners (or management) in Professional Services, Medical Services (including Allied Health) as well as those in the Construction Industry, especially Tradies, to help grow and improve their businesses (and profit) and achieve their goals.  Operating a service-based business is a little different from other businesses as you are selling and providing the ‘intangible’ and often invisible.  I’m an expert with service-based businesses and helping them achieve their own wonderful success.
  • Business Planning & StrategyMy business goal setting and planning sessions are very popular as we all know that businesses don’t plan to fail, but do.  More than 50% fail in 5 years and that’s the stats that has been documented.  I believe that number is higher; I know business owners putting in huge hours for next to no profit, struggling and flailing or simply who quit and get a job, without telling any official.  Having goals, a strategy, and a plan is very important – as are the action steps behind the plan.  I do either simple (but effective) plans, or help clients do a complete documented business plan.  I hate seeing small businesses become a statistic, so all my steps are clear, concise, practical, do-able, realistic and actionable.
  • Coach the Coach ™ ProgramAssisting new business coaches, trainers and consultants in their businesses.  My structure and delivery is very flexible and personalised.  Often coaches will have a solid area of expertise and knowledge and need guidance more to ‘fill the gaps’ or bringing it all together.  All coaching is fully confidential.
  • Consulting & Training ServicesFor those who need a specific service or in-house training.  I’ve covered areas from Time Management through to Sales and Customer Service and can either coach in a specific area or provide training and workshops for groups.  I am happy to work with larger companies or industry groups to deliver valuable knowledge to their team or members.
  • Crisis Business CoachingWhether it’s COVID-19, a disaster or underlying fatal weakness within the business, I assist business owners who are in crisis to move forward in an effective and sensible way.  Tough decision may be needed, coupled with strong business principles to ensure you are a business that will come out the other end, stronger, leaner and smarter.  If that is not a realistic option, then I’ll be assisting you to understand your exit strategy options.  For the current pandemic; I will be providing clients with information about stimulus packages, opportunities and beyond surviving.
  • Cyber Security PlansSadly, businesses within Australia lose almost a billion dollars every year to theft, fraud and cyber breaches.  Don’t think it’s just big business; often small business is targeted as we are seen as ‘low hanging fruit’; easy for the picking.  Whether you’re wanting to protect your business from an internal breach such as theft, or as importantly, have a cyber security plan in place, I can help.  I work with clients to complete an internal audit of what practices you have in place.  We then build a strategy, plan and systems.  If you need actual IT or technology assistance, I have some great contacts I can connect you with to make those aspects happen.  My plans and tactics are realistic, practical and don’t have to be exceedingly expensive; making them actionable by every small business.  For a quote, contact me.
  • Google Ads ManagementFor many years I’ve worked with Andy who is a Certified Google Premier Partner, since 2013.  He’s prompt, efficient and effective, which is the reason I’ve chosen to partner with him to provide Google Ads Management services to my clients and even those who are not my client.  I help clients develop solid and effective marketing strategies and plans, so it only makes sense I can connect you to a Google Guru to help you make it happen.  Learn more about the excellent pricing and how Andy and Stone Business Coaching can help you with your Google Ads.
  • Investment Funding AttainmentUsing my 30+ years of experience and time in an Investment Angel group, I can assist businesses with their strategy, plan and documentation to go out there to attain investment funding.  Sorry, I’m not going to actually give you the money, but I am going to give you the best chance to put forward a great case, be properly prepared and know exactly what investors are looking for.  We will work on your business plan, your forecasts and financials, sourcing the right type of funding (there are lots of different options, which I will guide you on), preparing your Investor Package, pitch, PowerPoint and even how to best stand up and sell your idea.  Remember, we get only one chance to make a great first impression, so be sure to make your first great impression.  For a quote, contact me. 
  • Life CoachingGuiding individuals in goal setting, improving situations, organisation, career improvement, resolving issues and generally giving people ‘brightness of future’.  Coaching is geared around your needs and wants, rather than putting you into a box and telling you how it will be.
  • Marketing ServicesMarketing is a huge aspect of business success.  Marketing is so much more than just running an ad or posting on social media.  I work with clients in helping them develop a strategy that supports a 12 months plan, knowing their brand, maximising the perception of their business, having great lead generation tactics and of course helping move a lead from prospect to paying customer in a way which is faster, more effective and more often.  If you need Google Ads we can help you in-house.  If you want help with doing your own SEO, or writing a tender I can teach you an awful lot.  However, if you want someone else to do it for you, then I have great contacts that I trust will look after you – whether that’s tenders, grants, awards, social media management, website builds or SEO – then I’ve lots of great connections that I’m happy to share with my clients.
  • Mentoring Leaders & Managers Particularly ideal for people who are new to the position or looking forward to a promotion soon.  I can assist with preparing for the role or fulfilling the role.  This coaching and mentoring service is customised to your needs and will be tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Networking MentoringI have been awarded ‘Networker of the Year’ not once, but four times, so I know a little something on the subject.  I mentor those wanting to improve their business networking skills, including people from other countries (as long as you speak English) and want to understand business networking in Australia.  Contrary to popular belief, networking is not just about being a social butterfly.  I will coach you around the systems and processes to convert your networking to income.
  • New Business Start-up CoachingGuiding prospective new business owners to make the best decisions (and actions) in the setup and commencement of their new business.  I’ll provide you with the resources, business coaching support and guidance to make your new endeavour a success.  Two heads are definitely better than one, especially if one is a business expert with 30+ years of experience.  I also coach people who are pre-business, potentially helping them to select the right business or business model to suit their needs.
  • Public SpeakingWhen you are looking for someone to speak on a subject, give me a call.  I have spoken at Chambers, annual industry conferences, business groups, state Universities as well as numerous online ‘events’.  Subjects include those I frequently coach on, and have extensive experience around.  Please give me as much notice as possible, as my schedule is currently somewhat limited in the short term.
  • Reviews, Audits & RecommendationsTo maximise a business, sometimes a review or audit is required.  We need to see what is currently occurring so that an assessment and recommendation can be made on what can be improved.  I review a number of areas including your online presence, your sales processes, your financial reports and frequently work with clients to complete a SWOT analysis.
  • Workshops Whether you want to attend a workshop in Australia or kill two birds with one Stone (pun intended), you can mix travel with business and attend one of my international workshops or Masterminds which are either Writers Retreat or Business Coaching Masterminds.
  • Writing & BloggingAssisting you whether you want me to write, or would like training and guidance on how to write content yourself.  This content may be blogs, procedural manuals, a book, eBook, documented procedures or website content.  Be sure to check out my international Writing Retreats frequently held in the first quarter of each year.


Additionally, at various times throughout the year, I run/organise specialist training for my clients and associates in small classroom/workshop settings.  This shared training allows for exceptional pricing and group sizes are kept small (usually less than 6-8).  The usual location is in the Redlands.  Training includes:

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Sales Techniques to Close the Deal (and keep the client)
  • Social Media & Facebook – Beginners & Intermediate
  • Team Planning Sessions (within a single organisation)
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Financial Fundamentals – understand the bookwork side of your business.

In every instance, whether it’s one-on-one coaching or a group workshop, I give my all.  I take on only as many clients as I can handle and workshops are always kept in small numbers.  So for this reason, I may not be available to work with every person, particularly those outside my industries of expertise.  Remember, my areas of very high experience are trades and construction, serviced-based businesses, professional services, medical including allied health and, of course, other coaches and trainers.  I have a great network and can recommend you to another well-qualified coach in almost every instance.  People walk away saying they “got far more from the workshop than they expected” and never feel like they are just a number amongst many.  It’s the personal touch, passion and energy that I bring to whatever I do which makes the difference.  My focus is on improving, helping and achieving tangible results that make clients say “wow, I have achieved so much with your business coaching!”.  Between my qualifications and training and the three decades in the trenches (including doing it myself), I share with you my knowledge, strategy and expertise in every critical aspect of business.  Access the business coach who guides, trains and mentors other business coaches.

If you have an interest in any of the above, please email me and I’ll give you a call to see how I can help you.

If you’d like to learn more about what I do, check out my LinkedIn profile.