Brisbane based Speaker & Trainer and International Workshop Facilitator for Hire

I’m a seasoned Speaker & Trainer and international workshop facilitator. I’ve presented hundreds of times over on a varied range of business topics. My business education and motivational topics have been presented at Chambers, Universities, business groups, expos, seminars, workshops (public, corporate and private), national conferences and internationally.  I regularly run workshops both within the Brisbane area and internationally.

  • Chamber Groups – ie Redland Chamber of Commerce, Redlands Women in Business.

  • Various events, training days or evenings, workshops, seminars and National Conferences.

  • University of Queensland – guest lecturer and speaker for their Business, Economics & Law Department.

  • Private enterprise including various businesses.

  • Key Business Network – both as a speaker at all the groups, plus also running a group.

Topics tend to be around finance, time mastery, networking, or achieving success in business:

  • How to be a successful networker (have been awarded ‘Networker of the Year’ four times).

  • How to keep the money in your pocket.

  • Key Performance Indicators for every small business.

  • Sales Training including training around setting up a great sales process that works.

  • Time Mastery > practical tips that really work!.

  • How to make your invoice so much more than just a bill.

  • Planning for Profit > Budgeting to improve profits.

  • My secrets of success to get from a kitchen table business to National success.

Donna Stone


Donna Stone and contributing author of Stepping Stones to Business Excellence – Lindy Chen


Donna Stone & Mike O’Hagan

Donna Stone and TV Personality Natasha Zuvela


Donna Stone Book 3 Launch


Donna Stone in Radio Interview for Book 2

Donna & author Kay Danes

Donna & author Rachael Birmingham

Donna and Andrew Gaze – Basketballer/Motivational Speaker

Donna and contributing author of Stepping Stones to Business Success – Julie Mason

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