Here are some free items and resources that Donna shares with you. This is updated with new items (resources, materials, lists, checklists) from time to time. You’ll definitely find something that is applicable to you.


Psychologists & Counsellors List 2024

If you’re feeling flat, blue or depressed, then it can help to reach out and talk to someone.  Purely as a community service, I’m posting a list here of some people (Brisbane region) you could contact.  There are also some links which might prove helpful.  If you’re feeling unhappy about your business, then I can help in very practical ways with business improvement, but sometimes more than business advice is needed and so I’m leaving this list up here indefinitely.  Taking a copy of the list is entirely anonymous.   : )


Psychologist & Counsellor List 2021


375 Lead Generation Ideas

Here is a whole list of ideas to implement in your business. Pluck just five of these that you are not doing and implement them. I assure you they will increase your leads, and if you convert your leads to sales, and watch your figures, then your bottom line is going to grow like the smile on your face.  Email for your list.



200+ Ideas to Reward, Attract & Retain Staff

This list incorporates some very creative, unique and proven rewards and recognition ideas.  These ideas may help you to recruit great people, and certainly to retain great team and keep them happy.  Free to all current clients of Donna Stone and Stone Business Coaching.  If you are a client and would like your copy, just email me at or alert me during one of our business coaching calls.

200+ Ideas to Reward, Attract & Retain Staff

How to Save Energy with Good Computer Management

It’s funny how the little (but sometimes important) things slip our attention.  I read this article in a member newsletter and thought I’d check – my settings were not optimised (but are now) … little things make a difference.  Check out how to save energy with good computer management here.

Many thanks to CCIQ (Chamber Commerce & Industry Queensland) for bringing this to its members’ attention.  To check out CCIQ, visit


175 Business Improvement Ideas

As an experienced business coach, I always want to find ways to help business owners improve.  I have come up with a nice extensive list to get you thinking.  Only try to implement one or two at a time as doing many things at once will usually result in nothing getting done or getting done well.  Email for your list.


175 Business Improvement Ideas


FREE Support from CCIQ for QLD Businesses

CCIQ (Chamber Commerce Industry Qld) has been incredibly helpful since COVID-19 hit Australia with heaps of free information, webinars, resources and support.  If you aren’t already a member and are interested, they offer a private and confidential FREE HR Health Check which you can book via BOOK NOW – FREE HR Health CheckThis is a great opportunity to help identify possible risks within the business or areas of concern they might be unaware of. 

I am proudly a member of CCIQ (as well as my local Chamber) and encourage you to join CCIQ if you are Queensland based.  Support the industry body that supports you.  Visit this page.


CCIQ logo


Business Checklists & Templates

Free to all current clients of Donna Stone and Stone Business Coaching.  If you are a client and would like your copy, just email me at or alert me during one of our business coaching calls.  Other resources for clients include:

Business Checklists & Templates

  • Budget templates
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Systems & Procedures Template
  • Covid & Government Business Support Information
  • How to eBooks on subjects like budgeting, time mastery, stress management etc
  • Online website listings and backlinks – for Australian websites
  • Key Performance Indicator Lists
  • Marketing Ideal Client Avatar
  • Marketing Plan Template
  • Meeting Management Tips
  • New Business Checklist – 5 Pages
  • Presentation Tips
  • Recommended software and Apps
  • Recruitment forms, documents, templates and tests
  • SWOT Analysis Worksheet
  • Tax – Possible Deduction Items … and much more.


Free Cash-Flow Manager Spreadsheet

Now is the time more than ever to be ‘all over’ your figures.  Check out my blog where I explain how to have a better hold of your finances and be more effective with money management.  As promised in that blog I’m providing a free resource, being my Cash-Flow Management Template.  If I can assist you with any Business Coaching, please reach out to me on 0411 622 666 or fill in my contact form and I’ll contact you.


Get cash-flow right


99 Practical Way to Save Time

We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week.  Need more time?  Check out 99 practical and real ways to save time in your business day and personal life as well.  Read here.


99 Ways to Save Time




Donna’s Suggested Reading List

Take a peek at Donna’s list of books to read.  Click here.


Government Fact Sheet for Australians on GDPR Compliancy

To get information, click here.


Planning for Success Podcast

Listen to this podcast (copy & paste link to browser)  I made with Janeen Vosper of Speech Perfect talking about Discover How to Realise Your Dreams by Planning Your Success.




300+ Deductions for Small Businesses

Click here to get your free list now!


300+ Tax Deductions for Small Business


Top KPIs Every Business Needs

If you are a client and would like your copy, just email me at or alert me during one of our business coaching calls.


Top KPIs every Business Needs


Financial Year End Checklist

Email me at to get your free copy of Financial Year End Checklist!


Financial Year End Checklist