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Marketing in Small Business is Crucial!

A very important aspect of business is getting work in the door – that is – marketing!  Gone are the days when you simply hung out your ‘shingle’ or built your website and business leads simply fell in your lap.  In the current business world, you have to have a Marketing Plan.  That Marketing Plan needs to be strategic, clear, thoughtful and documented.  It also needs to be diversified, which is why I incorporate both digital and traditional marketing channels.

If you do not market your business well, you will be keeping it a secret.  You cannot sell a secret!   

As an experienced business coach, marketer and BDM (Business Development Manager) with decades of experience, and formal training, I offer a range of marketing services, including:


Needless to say, once I’ve got clients on track with their marketing, we ensure it’s being fully utilised with great lead tracking methods, maximise sales techniques and procedures and then delivery and customer service so that you deliver on the entire user experience.  


Essentially what I do is:

  • Set up a plan and strategy and help you get started.  I’ve lots of templates and resources that I share with clients too!
  • Support, train and guide you on the things you can do yourself to save a few dollars (perhaps blogging, DIY SEO or chasing reviews)
  • Connect you to experts for the things you need specific help with, is beyond your skill level or don’t have the time to do yourself – such as website designer or my contract Google Adwords Manager
  • I can help you with content, or review your content if that’s something you need.  If you are wanting to outsource this, I know a great content writer who is excellent. 
  • I will give you feedback, support and guidance
  • Help you liaise with the experts and keep things happening according to your plan.


What I don’t do is your actual marketing; I am not an agency.  If you don’t want to do things yourself, I can refer you to industry experts, who I know and trust.




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