Coach the Coach BadgeI regularly get asked “do you mentor and coach other coaches?” and the answer is yes.   I believe there is a huge demand out there for great coaches, consultants, wellness coaches, trainers and business advisors.  I  love sharing my expertise and encompass an ‘abundance mentality’ where there is room enough for many great coaches.  I strongly believe that the face of business is changing and coaching will become more prevalent and recognised as best practice.

I can still remember what it’s like to be starting out.   You often have no one to ask questions of or run things by or someone who keeps you focussed and on track to set up and grow your coaching business.  Over the years I have myself had coaches, including an international coach.  It pays to invest in your business and your own skills to get guidance from someone who has lots of experience in business, consulting and coaching.

Unlike some other specialist coaches, I don’t charge coaches a massive fee for my coaching or mentoring services.  However, I will be direct; I will need to first determine that we will be a good fit and ask you to sign an Agreement that you will not copy or use my IP without my express written permission.  That done, you will have my utmost support, energy and guidance in helping you to have an amazing coaching, training or consulting business you deserve.  Naturally, confidentiality is assured.  People I work with include:

  • Business Coaches
  • Business Advisors & Strategists
  • Trainers (Business or Educational)
  • Consultants
  • Personal Trainers or Fitness Coaches
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Life Coaches

Coach the Coach

I work with you on:

  • Structure, setup, systems, processes, and templates
  • Confidence, direction and sometimes straight up ‘spit balling’
  • Business growth, marketing, and your sales process
  • Your coaching service, delivery, and customer service
  • If employing staff or if the finances aren’t your cup of tea, I can guide you there also.

If you are embarking on Business Coaching, you will already be experienced in business, perhaps having many years of business success yourself, or will already be an advisor, an Accountant or Consultant.  In my Coach the Coach ™ program, I am working with those with experience around business (or the area they will be coaching in) who simply need direction on how to move into the coaching arena.  For those in other areas of coaching, you may (or may not) have business experience; I’ll work with you to bridge any gaps you may have in business in real and practical ways.  Part of the coaching progress is ascertaining any gaps as well as completing (and debriefing) a SWOT analysis.

I have worked successfully with many Life and Wellness Coaches (as well as Psychologists and Counsellors) where you are offering the intangible; either solving a program to helping your clients attain an emotion, attained from a positive and often long-lasting outcome around their life, health, wellness or spirituality.  With every Wellness Coach or Counsellor I have worked with, their needs are different and that is where my very personalised, bespoke and customised business coaching is ideal.  I am working with you where you need support and in areas which will help you achieve positive outcomes.

As with all my programs, I do not lock clients (or coaches) into long-term contracts; so this can be a shorter arrangement, or longer, depending on your needs.   It’s also a ‘fluid’ service; we cover what you need and want, rather than being boxed into a set program. If you are a new coach starting out, or have been operating awhile, but believe there is room for improvement and would like some expert guidance, support or assistance (with complete confidentiality) give me a call and we can have a chat.


Donna My passion is your potential



Testimonials for Donna Stone

Donna Stone Business Coaching Testimonial Jules O’NeillI highly recommend Donna for her awesome services, direction and support. Donna continually gives and genuinely cares about you and the success and integrity of your business. She always has solutions to assist moving forward and taking action. When needed (and every time), Donna also was able to recommend other necessary business contacts to assist and support the growth and expansion of my business. Oceans of gratitude for this lady.

Jules O’Neill – Wellness Coach

Stone Business Coaching Camilla Rowe TestimonialEvery week I have the pleasure to be coached by Donna! I’m so impressed by her expertize and passion in coaching me and others to greater success! Her attention to detail and drive to give you the advice and strategic actions to move forward and grow your business is brilliant! It’s also the genuine care for your clients Donna and the Joy you show in your work that is priceless! Thank you for being Amazing!!

Camilla Rowe – Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Donna Stone Business Coaching Testimonial Lisa NardoneDonna has great insight into small business and gives very practical coaching advice to help move your business forward. The systems and practices that she has helped me to identify and establish, have really streamlined our communication and increased our productivity.  I highly recommend her services to others.

Lisa Nardone, Grants Plus Consulting