As an experienced business coach, I mentor both:

  • Businesses – through my various general coaching packages
  • Coaches – through my Coach the Coach ™ programs.

Starting out, or growing your business can be hard work.  For every business (and business owner), the challenges are different.  Sometimes it is around:

  • Fear of failure, mindset, confidence
  • Fear of success (yes, people do worry about doing really well)
  • Not knowing where to start, what to do or how to do it
  • Staying on track, on task and being held accountable
  • Getting distracted, procrastinating or simply stalling
  • Coping with the growth

For all the reasons, and more, it pays to have an experienced business coach by your side:

  • Having someone to teach, educate, guide, support and ‘be in your corner’
  • Having someone to sometimes ask the tough questions, point out the things you may not want to know – but need to know, and need to address those items
  • A fresh, clean but very experienced perspective.

Many people who have worked with me call me an all-rounder.  My expertise covers sales and marketing, systems, processes, mindset, staff and money and finances.  However, I do not take on every potential client.  I do very much specialise:

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