Brisbane-based Public Speaker & Trainer and International Workshop Facilitator for Hire

As a seasoned Public Speaker, Trainer and International Workshop Facilitator, I’ve presented hundreds of times over on a varied range of business topics.  My business education and motivational topics have been presented at Chambers, Universities, business groups, expos, seminars, workshops (public, corporate and private), national conferences and internationally.  To affect positive change and help people learn and grow, I regularly run workshops both within the Brisbane area and internationally.  I can be your public speaker for hire.

  • Chamber Groups – ie Redland Chamber of Commerce, Redlands Women in Business.

  • Various events, training days or evenings, workshops, seminars and National Conferences.

  • University of Queensland – guest lecturer and speaker for their Business, Economics & Law Department.

  • Private enterprise including various businesses.

  • Key Business Network – both as a speaker at all the groups, plus also running a group.

As a Public Speaker, my topics tend to be around finance, time mastery, networking, or achieving success in business:

  • How to be a successful networker (have been awarded ‘Networker of the Year’ four times).

  • How to keep the money in your pocket.

  • Key Performance Indicators for every small business.

  • Sales Training including training around setting up a great sales process that works.

  • Time Mastery > practical tips that really work!.

  • How to make your invoice so much more than just a bill.

  • Planning for Profit > Budgeting to improve profits.

  • My secrets of success to get from a kitchen table business to National success.

Donna Stone


Donna Stone and contributing author of Stepping Stones to Business Excellence – Lindy Chen


Donna Stone & Mike O’Hagan

Donna Stone and TV Personality Natasha Zuvela


Donna Stone Book 3 Launch


Donna Stone in Radio Interview for Book 2

Donna & author Kay Danes

Donna & author Rachael Birmingham

Donna and Andrew Gaze – Basketballer/Motivational Speaker

Donna and contributing author of Stepping Stones to Business Success – Julie Mason

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