Magnificent Marketing for Small Business

From time to time I like to promote my business and do some different marketing, as well as sending traffic to my website.  If you’ve not visited my website before, check out my Home Page as well as my Blogs page.  As I say to my business coaching clients, even when you’re busy, don’t stop marketing.  I’m doing the same, so yes, in full disclosure, this is about gaining more exposure.

Register for a chance to win one of five Magnificent Marketing Books.  This book has a heap of marketing information and tips in it (as well as some tips around sales and even customer service) which I wrote based on 30+ years of experience as well as formal training in marketing.

Winners will be notified via email and need to respond within a week with their postal address for the book to be mailed – yes, it’s a REAL BOOK!  The registration link is towards the bottom of this page – good luck!

Registrations close 1.7.23.


5 Things Coaching is Great For


  1. Education, guidance and support.  You’re not in this alone.  I share a heap of information to my clients which I’ve gained both formal qualifications and many decades of experience.  My areas of expertise include financial, marketing, sales, managing team, systems/processes and time mastery.  But rather than just throwing a heap of information at you (like throwing a pile of library books at you) this information is given to you when, and how you need it.  I am constantly assessing what you and your business needs and providing you practical solutions along the way.


  1. Brainstorming.  Two heads are definitely better than one and if one of those heads has almost 40 years of experience in every aspect of business – including financial, marketing, sales, systems, team, operations and time mastery – then you’re tapping into all that knowledge and skill.


  1. Resources.  After so many years of business coaching, I’ve heaps of resources, documents, templates and information which is available for clients to use.


  1. Connections.  I can connect my clients to everyone from great website designers, to lawyers, accountants, printers, SEO experts and even business opportunities with my own network (which is almost 30,000).


  1. Accountability.  When you’re my client, I ensure you keep moving forward and taking action.  It’s not all about talking; it’s about making changes and that happens through positive action.


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