I was employed by Donna Stone as her Junior Office Administrator while I was in my final years of High School. It was an attractive position as it was far better than just ‘flipping burgers’, but what I didn’t expect was the quality of training and wealth of knowledge I gained in my time with Donna.

I quickly discovered that Donna is an extremely competent and powerful business woman.  She had a large range of skills that she passed on to me that, over 11 years later, I am still using daily in my current role.  I feel that Donna truly cares about all of her employees, seeking to elevate them to be the best they can be, while instilling strong business morals and ethics.

After moving onwards and upwards, I stayed in contact with Donna.

Throughout that time, I have drawn upon the training and experiences from with her as a source of inspiration in all aspects of my professional life.

Years later, she connected me to her extensive network of professional business owners which eventually led me to where I am today.

Donna has been pivotal in my professional life both by assisting me in establishing a very solid foundation of skills and ethics and giving freely of her network and connections.  The Junior Office Administrator position currently advertised is not just a casual job, but for the right person, a potentially life-changing opportunity.


Jason Whitford

Finance Broker